Anxiety and fear snuffed a little air from every breath I took for years. I’d come a long way by surrendering my daily routine to Jesus when a diagnosis of breast cancer threatened to drag me back. It was a difficult season, and I have faced fear, but I can honestly say that fear did not claim me this time.

If you know the suffocating grip of anxiety, I hope this Devotional Word Study will help you pry yourself free.

Word Study: Belief and Unbelief

I found inspiration from a frantic father in the Book of Mark. The man’s son had a “mute spirit” that…

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love (John 15:9).

Too often, my thoughts and feelings towards myself are full of intolerance and anger. I feel inadequate as I observe my successful friends, and invisible next to tall, beautiful, outgoing women. Sometimes, I believe there is no hope that I will ever get it right, fit in, or serve any purpose.

Psychology prescribes successful completion of fulfilling challenges to build confidence. The world says positive affirmations will paint a healthy self-image. But no matter what I do, I still feel less-than.

What Does the Bible Say About Self Confidence?


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew I’d need Jesus, and I knew I couldn’t get through it alone. Along with friends and family, my prayer partner from Cancer Companions gave me strength. Now, I’m excited to share my story to help Cancer Companions reach more cancer families.

Searching for Support

I didn’t know anyone who had gone through breast cancer, so I contacted the American Cancer Society to participate in their program that partners current patients with survivors with a similar diagnosis.

I was amazed and disappointed to learn they could not assign a Christian cancer survivor to me.


I dreamed of becoming an author ever since I learned to read. In the fall of 2018, I decided that 2019 would be the year I finally made my dream come true.

I had a title, a detailed chapter outline, and a marketing plan all figured out. I wrote several chapters and sent them to a publisher.

I laid awake dreaming of distributing my practical, new-believer’s handbook written in my pen name, Victoria Grace, in churches all throughout the state.

Those dreams will never come true, but I learned this week that God’s plan for me is so much better…

Many of you know “Victoria Grace” is a pen name. I’d like to explain why I used a pen name, and why I just began publishing with my real name.

As soon as I put my blog on Facebook, I started getting strange and creepy posts from men from all over the world. Some of them made me feel icky and others frightened me, but the one of a man in the desert, wearing a ski mask and brandishing a large, curved, serrated knife in front of his face was the final straw. Something had to change.

I could have…

I browsed aimlessly looking at Bibles again, getting more confused with each click. Why do I have to make so many choices just to read the Bible? Is NIV easier to understand than HCSB? Why is there a Bible for women and a different Bible for moms? Isn’t the Bible the same for everyone? If the Bible is supposed to give me peace, then why is getting started so complicated? I’m obviously not smart enough for this Bible thing.

6 Simple Bible Basics for Beginners

Overcoming anxiety through faith begins with getting into God’s word, but I know just getting started can make your head swim…

Choosing the right Bible for you is fun because you get to pick out something unique for you and how you want to experience God’s Word. Whether you’re practical, creative, or more personal, there’s a Bible to suit your style.

Why are There Different Types of Bibles?

What is the difference between a reference Bible and a study Bible? Why is there a Bible for soldiers and another for teens? Isn’t the Bible the same for everyone? How do I choose the right one for me?

We all have unique learning styles, and God speaks to us in different ways. …

I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to 3 books. I was the editor for The Devotional Life by Patrick Oben. I also contributed devotions to two anthologies- The True Meaning of Giving, and Ribbons and Bows. I’ll have more to come soon!

You can learn more about each project and visit my Amazon author page below.

The Devotional Life

I had the amazing privilege of working with Pastor Patrick Oben on his first book. The Devotional Life is in-depth scriptural review of what the devotional really is from God’s perspective as revealed in the Bible.

Note: At the time this book was published…

How Should I Read the Bible for the First Time?

I debated about how to read the Bible for a long time because I wanted to do it right. This was too important to screw up or waste my time. Such is the mindset of a woman with anxiety!

I found no consensus no matter who I asked or how many posts I read. I finally got so fed up with trying to figure out the right way, I decided I would just begin with “In the beginning…”

And so began my recovery from anxiety.

How Should I Read the Bible for the First Time?

There are many ways to read the Bible for the first time. Some are very…

This page consists of the resources I have relied on most to overcome anxiety.

Note: This page does not include affiliate links. I recommend resources I believe in because I’ve used them.

Valerie Riese

Co-director of Candidly Christian. After suffering years of debilitating anxiety, I learned that victory over anxiety comes only through surrender to Jesus.

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