What Does the Bible Say About Self Confidence?

Valerie Riese
3 min readSep 24, 2020


As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love (John 15:9).

Too often, my thoughts and feelings towards myself are full of intolerance and anger. I feel inadequate as I observe my successful friends, and invisible next to tall, beautiful, outgoing women. Sometimes, I believe there is no hope that I will ever get it right, fit in, or serve any purpose.

Psychology prescribes successful completion of fulfilling challenges to build confidence. The world says positive affirmations will paint a healthy self-image. But no matter what I do, I still feel less-than.

What Does the Bible Say About Self Confidence?

I’ve learned there are no words for self-esteem in the Bible. In fact, Scripture tells us to place no confidence in the flesh, but to put all of our confidence in God, through faith in the sacrifice of His Son.

I’ve known my whole life that Jesus died because He loves me, but for most of my life, His love had no relevance for how I felt about myself. This changed when I learned that none of the affirmations in Scripture had anything to do with me. In fact, Scripture confirms that I am sinful, evil, and doomed.

But Jesus changes all of that.

Jesus took all of our faults, shortcomings, and sins to the cross. It is through His sacrifice that we may claim ourselves worthy.

To me, this means I no longer try to esteem myself as smart, fun, talented, or pretty. I just value myself as His.

As you read affirmations in Scripture, remember it is through faith in the sacrifice of God’s only Son, that we are made right. All that we are comes through Him, in Him, and by Him.

4 Scriptural Affirmations to Absorb God’s Love

Jesus’ life and death is a living presentation of how much the Father loves you. I encourage you to claim the following 4 Scriptural affirmations and absorb every drop of His love.

  1. I am chosen and accepted by God.
  2. I have the mind of Christ as given by His Holy Spirit, so I am perfectly created to accomplish the specific purpose for which God made me.
  3. Even before I fail, I am forgiven by God and blameless through Jesus.
  4. I have the strength to begin again as I lean on His mercy every morning.

My Friend, I pray that you may find rest knowing you can give up trying to get it right, because Jesus already made you perfect. Jesus loves you enough to die so you may live, so remain in His love.

Dear Jesus,

Please forgive me when I put my confidence in anything other than You. I know I can’t have confidence in myself because I am a sinner, bound to fail. Thank you for giving me your perfect, unfailing Holy Spirit. Today I give You everything I do and all that I am to use for Your glory.


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Valerie Riese

Co-director of Candidly Christian. After suffering years of debilitating anxiety, I learned that victory over anxiety comes only through surrender to Jesus.